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McConnell Show Cattle & McConnell Farms

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McConnell Farms Online Sale
& Load and Go Calves 
Check them out at:

McConnell Show Cattle
 MVE 34/18 SemenTank 
& 200+ Units for $1750



McConnell Farms had the Champion Steer, Champion Heifer, Champion Feeder and Reserve Champion Carcass Steer at Mt. Vernon this Past Year and the Calves This Year are Better.  Buy Em or Beat Em.

Cooling Room Available-Call 330-698-7284
(16' x 12'-see semen page)



My brother at McConnell Farms in Mt. Vernon, OH is selling calves in the online sale and always has calves and breeding stock available as load and go as well. Check the out on the web link above. 
We have sold most of the cows, but still have a powerful, dog-tame steer for sale along with a couple of other steer options .

Hope to See You!

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Thanks to all of our past customers

Last Update September 2013